Members of the committee view the new website with the 
web developer Peter Smith (far right).

The “Friends of Montefiore Woodland” launch their new website!

The “Friends of Montefiore Woodland” are pleased to announce the

launch of their brand new website!

In April 2011, Thanet District Council formally handed over the area known as “Montefiore Woodland” in Dumpton Park Drive to the people of Ramsgate under the stewardship of Ramsgate Town Council. The Friends of Montefiore Woodland was formed in February 2012.

Montefiore Woodland has a fascinating history and character having at one time been the property of Sir Moses Montefiore. It provides a home for many species of wildlife and the enclosed environment has allowed a variety of plants and animals to live and thrive in this peaceful green space.

There is no charge for membership and if you would like to receive details of progress and planned activities become a member & fill in our registration form:

Volunteer work parties have been engaged in identifying resident wildlife, improving the site and arranging activities to encourage community involvement e.g. spring cleaning events and butterfly and moth days. For more information please visit the website:

Our next work party is planned for this coming Saturday 27th October at 10am –1pm (weather permitting). We will be clearing ivy, saplings, bramble and litter. Please bring your own gloves and tools if possible and wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

The Montefiore Woodland website was developed by Peter Smith