Nest Box Survey Information


  • Several of our nest boxes are occupied, mainly by Great- tits and Blue-tits, however, one of larger boxes made by Colin several years ago is showing nest material at entrance – possible pigeon?


  • Several of our nest boxes (at least 4) are occupied – Blue-tit seen sitting on nest
  • Parakeet sitting on eggs (2 visible) in the same nest hole as in previous years – 5th April, 2018.
  • Parakeet adult and 1 chick unfeathered – 5th May, 2018


Parakeet had another brood in same nest hole.

Several nest-boxes in use by tits.

6th May 16 day14+_3406 (Small)

Parakeet chicks 16 days old May 2016

A pair of Parakeets occupied a woodpecker’s nest hole within the woodland again this year. I took weekly photos of developments. Some of which I uploaded to Flicker and made be viewed by clicking on the following link:


Some additional sponsored nest boxes to be erected during forthcoming work parties.


Ring-necked Parakeet  – nesting in hollow of tree, chick within – heard calling. May 2015.

Blue tit occupied and successfully reared within PJ box in Holly tree adjacent to the clearing for the third year.


Blue tit occupied and successfully reared within PJ box in Holly tree adjacent to the clearing both last and this year (2013).

In 2013, members were asked to sponsor a Bird (or Bat) Box.

During a work party (Sunday 27th January) these boxes were attached to trees in various locations within the woodland. (Our thanks to Russell and Mike for the ladder work).

The boxes are numbered 1-5 and an original box from the previous Montefiore Action Project (Map 1) was repaired and returned to the site.

During the coming weeks, these boxes will be monitored and activity recorded accordingly and results will eventually be uploaded to this page.
Incidentally within half an hour of erection, Box 4 was prospected by an interested Blue-tit!    Watch this space……!

A Stock Dove roosted within a box but sadly no further interest.6th May 16 day14+_3406 (Small)

Nest Box Survey 2012

John regularly visited the woodland to observe which birds were present and to record the birds breeding in the vicinity.

Birds Breeding