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Becoming a Friend \ Member of Montefiore Woodland is easy, just follow the steps specified below. There is no charge for membership and if you support the aims and interests of the Friends of Montefiore Woodland and would like to receive details of progress and planned activities, please either download and complete the membership form or fill it in online.

Friends of Montefiore Woodland Membership Form

Download the form to fill it in and send it via post to our secretary, or fill in our online form to the right.

How to Become a Member


Fill in the form

To become a Member of the Friends of Montefiore Woodland simply fill in your details in our online form or download our membership form above.


Submit or Post the form

Once you have filled in the form, click submit. Alternatively if you have downloaded the form send it to our secretary via the address provided.

* Postal address can be found in the download file.


Membership Confirmation

Once you have sent your details to us you will receive an email confirming your membership and you will start receiving updates & general information!

Membership Registration

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