Flora Survey Information

Montefiore Woodland Tree SurveyMontefiore Woodland contains both native and introduced flowering plants.
In some winters here, the vanilla-scented Winter Heliotrope which itself is widespread by this time may be seen flowering in late January or early February on a path leading from the meadow.

Alexanders, once a Roman pot herb is widespread by April, its greenish-yellow heads looking a little like cow parsley, which itself id widespread by this time. Other spring flowers are Lesser Celandine near the entrance on to Dumpton Park Drive and Common Dog Violet and Slender Speedwell along the path to the Synagogue by the wall.

Early summer will bring the most flowers in the seeded meadow (sown 2013) where you may find Scentless Mayweed, Common Poppy, Scorpionweed, Californian Poppy, Corn­flower and the rare Corncockle amongst many others.

Scattered in the woodland is Foetid Iris, a native yellow brown or purple flower tolerant of deep shade, look between May and July and in autumn for its bright red berry fruits. Dog Rose blooms in June at the edge of the meadow. Look also in late summer for the Prickly Lettuce, or Compass Plant whose leaves point north and south in full sun, they are on the edge between the meadow and the wood.

Two widespread species, sometimes considered problematical by conservation­ists are Blackberry and Ivy. However, these provide nesting cover and security for small mammals and birds, nectar sources for a large variety of insects and in the case of Ivy, late flowering when many other species are dead and fruits in winter when sometimes other food sources are scarce, so there needs to be space for all, even if some of the very aggressive species need to be kept in check.

We have only a very small space for so many needs after all!

Plants recorded at Montefiore Woodland

Na = NativePresent in flora without intervention by humans.
Ne = NeophytePresent in flora introduced since AD 1500.
A = ArchaeophytePresent in flora introduced before AD 1500.
Sp Und = Species undetermined
Species undetermined
*In Wildflower Seed Mix planted in 2013

Latest Flora Survey – 2016

Common name Scientific name Status2016
* seen since 2013
* in Wildflower Seed sown 2013
Allium Allium sp2016*Species undetermined
probably garden origin
AlexandersSmyrnium olusatrum A2016*
Alkanet Anchusa officinalis Ne *
Birdsfoot TrefoilLotus corniculatus Na** In seed mix
Black HorehoundBallota nigraA2016*
Black MedickMedicago lupulinaNa2016
Bluebell Hyacinthoides non-scriptaNa 2016*
Bristly OxtonguePicris echioides A2016*
Broad-leaved SpurgeEuphorbia platyphyllosA2015
Bulbous ButtercupRanunculus repensNa2015*
Bush VetchVicia sepiumNa*
Californian PoppyEschscholzia californicaNe *
Charlock Sinapis arvensis A 2015*
Cleavers Galium aparineNa 2015*
Clover Red Trifolium repens Na ** in seed mix
Clover White Trifolium repensNa ** in seed mix
Cock’s FootDactylis glomerata Na 2016** in seed mix
Common BentAgrostis capillarisNa grass2016
Common CouchElytrigia repens Na *
Common Dog VioletViola riviviana Na 2015*
Common Evening PrimroseOenothera biennisNe2016
Common Fumitory Fumaria officinalis A*
Common KnapweedCentaurea nigraNa2016
Common MallowMalva sylvestris Na 2016*
Common Mouse-earCerstium muralisNa2016
Common Poppy Papaver rhoeas A2016*
Common Ragwort Senecio jacobaeaNa2016
Common SainfoinOnobrychis viciifoliaNa*Chalk grassland form thought to be native, but here likely to be alien.
Common ToadflaxLinaria vulgarisNa*
Common VetchVicia sativaNa2015
Corncockle Agrostemma githagoA2015*see NB below
Cornflower Centaurea cyanusA** in seed mix
Cow Parsley Anthriscus sylvestris Na 2015*
CowslipPrimula verisNa2016Native but planted here.
Creeping BentAgrostis stoloniferaNa2016*Native grass
Creeping ThistleCirsium arvenseNa2016
Cuckoo PintArum maculatumNa2016Native, in lane
Cut-leaved CranesbillGeranium dissectumNa2016*Native grass
DaffodilNarcissus speciesC2016*Possible garden origin
Dame’s -VioletHesperis matronalisNe*
Danish ScurvygrassCochlearia danicaNa2016
Dandelion Anthriscus sylvestrisNa 2015*
Dog RoseTaraxacum agg. Na 2016*
Dove’s-foot Crane’s-billGeranium molleNa2016
Eastern RocketSisymbrium orientaleNe2015
False oat-grassArrhenatherum elatiusNa grass2015
Fennel Foeniculum vulgare A*
Field BindweedConvolvulus arvensisNa2016*
Field PennycressThlaspi arvenseA*
FlaxLinum usitatissimumNe2015
Foetid Iris (Stinking)Iris foetedissimaNa2016*
Forget-me-not Myosotis Na ?2016*
FoxgloveDigitalis purpureaNa2015*
Garlic MustardAlliaria petiolataNa 2015*
Greater Bird’s Foot Trefoil Lotus uliginosusNa2015
Great MulleinVerbascum thapsusNa** in seed mix
Greater PerewinkleVinca majorNe *
Greater StitchwortStellaria holosteaNa*
Great willowherbEpilobium hirsutumNa2016*
Green AlkanetPentaglettis sempervirensNe2016*
Groundsel Senecio vulgarisNa2016*
Hart’s Tongue FernPhyllitis scolopendriumNa2015
HawkweedHieracium spNa2016sp uncertain
Hedge BedstrawGalium mollugoNa*
Herb RobertGeranium robertianumNa2015*
Hoary WillowherbEpilobium parviflorumNa2016
Hop TrefoilTrifolium campestreNa2016*
Ivy-leaved ToadflaxCymbalaria muralisNe2016*
Lacy PhaceliaPhacelia tanacetifolia Ne *Appeared in 2013 after meadow seeded, but not in seed-mix
Lady’s BedstrawGalium verumNa2015
Lady’s SmockCardamine pratensisNa2016Native, but planted here
Large BindweedCalystegia silvaticaNe2016
Lesser CeladineRanunculus ficaria Na2016*
Love-in-a-mistNigella damascenaNe2015
LucerneMedicago sativa ssp sativaNe2016*
Marigold (Pot)Calendula officinalisNe2015Garden escape or more likely planted.
Meadow ButtercupRanunculus acrisNa*
Meadow FescueFestuca pratensisNa*
Meadow FoxtailAlopecurus pratensis Na** In seed mix
NipplewortLapsana communisA2015
OrpineSeum telephiumNa2016Native, but planted here.
Ox eye daisyLeucanthemum vulgareNa*
Pellitory-of-the-wallParietaria officinalisNa2015*
Perennial Rye-grassLolium perenneNa grass2016*
Pink OxalisOxalis articulataNa*
Pink SorrelOxalis articulartaNeo2016
Prickly LettuceLactuca serriola A*
Prickly sow thistleSonchus asper Na *
Primrose Primula vulgaris C ?2016*
Red CampionSilene dicicaNa2016*
Red CloverTrifolium pratenseNa2016*
Red Dead-nettle Lamium purpureumA2015*
Red ValerianCentranthus ruberNeo2016Neo
Ribwort PlantainPlantago lanceolata Na2015*Native grass
Rough Meadow grassPoa trivialisNa*Native grass
Ribwort PlantainPlantago lanceolataNa2016
SainfoinOnobrychis sylvaticaNa / alien2016Chalk grassland form thought to be native, but probably alien here
Scarlet PimpernelAnagallis arvensis Na *
Scentless Mayweedripleurospermum inodorum A** See NB Below
Slender SpeedwellVeronica filiformisNe*
Smaller Cat’s-tailPhleum bertoloniiNa grass2015
Small ScabiousScabiosa columbaria Na ** See NB Below
Smooth Meadow GrassPoa pratensisNa*Native grass
Smooth Sow-thistleSonchus cleraceusNa*Native grass
Soft BromeBromus hordeaceusNa*Native grass
Spear ThistleCirsium vulgare Na 2016*
Spotted MedickMedicago arabicaNa2016*
Square-stalked WillowherbEpilobium tetragonumNa2015*
Stinking Mayweed/ChamomileAnthemis cotulaA2016*
Summer SnowflakeLeucojum aestiuumC2016*Na in parts of GB, planted/garden escape
Sweet AlisonLobularia maritimaNe*
Sweet VioletViolet odoratoNa2016
Sweet WilliamDianthus barbatusNe*
Tall FescueFestuca arundinaceaNa grass2015
Tall MelilotMelilotus altissimusA*
TeaselDipsacus fullonumNa2015* in seed mix
Three-cornered GarlicAllium triquetrumNe2016*
Timothy-grass Phleum pratense Na 2016** in seed mix
Viper’s BuglossEchium vulgareNa2016** in seed mix
White CampionSilene latifoliaA2016*
White Clover Trifolium repensNa2016*
Wild CarrotDaucus carota Na2015** in seed mix
Wild ClarySalvia verbenaca, Na*
Wild OatAvena fatuaA grass2016*A grass
Winter heliotrope Pentasites fragransNe2016*
Wood Avens Geum urbanum Na 2016*
Wood DockRumex sanguineusNa*
WoodruffGalium oderatumNa2015
YarrowAchillea millefoliumNa2015* in seed mix

NB Corn Cockle: A most interesting observation seen in meadow from 21st July, 2013 in small numbers. Formerly a widespread cornfield “weed”. Declined dramatically in the 20th Century with improved seed cleaning. An ancient introduction, probably from the Eastern Mediterranean with the spread of cultivation  into Temperate Europe from 2500 BC onwards. Now almost extinct in Britain, but occurs in Ranscombe Farm, Cuxton. First record in Kent dates from 1629. Now a component of wildflower seed mixtures, but not given in list of species in the meadow seed mix broadcast at Montefiore Woodland in the spring of 2013. origin uncertain.

NB Lacy Phacelia / Scorpion-weed: Not quoted in meadow seed mix, origin uncertain.

NB Scentless Mayweed: Dominant in meadow but not quoted in seed-mix list, origin uncertain

NB Small Scabious? Error in meadow seed mix list Far Field Scabious, otherwise source uncertain?

Trees and shrubs shown as present in 2012 list and still extant in 2013 (not included in this list).

Our thanks to Peter for his time and effort!