Forest School

Fine weather for fruitful November work parties (Sunday 17th November and Wednesday 27th November (the last for the year).

Several saplings that had been nurtured by individual members over the summer were planted (helped by the visiting Forest School from White Cliffs Montessori Pre-School) along with 1,000 native English Bluebells (kindly donated by Montefiore Arms earlier this year). These were planted in an area where the trees had been thinned to allow more light through the canopy. Many plants and animals rely on sections of woodland being cut down from time to time, to encourage diversity.

It was surprising how quickly the bulbs were planted although it was commented that the woodland could have absorbed 10,000!!! We look forward to seeing these in bloom next spring (although the first flowering may be less than in subsequent years).

Unsightly prunings were cleared, much of which used to continue the dry hedge for nesting birds and other animals next spring. Remaining logs were piled as homes for the wee creatures in the hope that they will not be disturbed, but left for the wildlife. Larger pieces have been kept for more rustic furniture planned to be created in future months. For more information visit: