Bat stroll with bat detectors Aug 2015_2473

Setting our new Moth Trap during the Bat Walk 31st August 2018

Thanks to Cllr Michelle Fenner for funding the purchase of a Heath Bucket Moth Trap we were able to set the trap for our first time last evening, Friday 31st August, 2018 7:30pm – 9:15pm during our Bat Walk .

As the Woodland has free access to the public, the trap was not left unattended, to avoid risk of it being stolen. On our return to the woodland it was with interest 20 + visitors watched as we opened the trap to see if any moths were within.

The following moths were recorded:

  • Orange Swift
  • Square Spot Rustic
  • Several micros moths (unidentified)
  • Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
  • Agriphila geniculea