Congratulations to Dave for being officially recognised for all his work at the Volunteers Fayre.

Spring Report at Montefiore Woodland

Congratulations to Dave for being officially recognised for all his work at the Volunteers Fayre.

Congratulations to Dave for being officially recognised for all his work at the Volunteers Fayre.

We have been pleased to welcome new members of all ages this year, including an IB student from Dane Court Grammar School. These new members have been especially useful for the spreading of donated wood chippings along the footpaths (thanks must be expressed to Southern Services for the loads they have delivered to us) and the recent cutting back of the highly invasive Alexander plant. Many encouraging + grateful comments have been received from members of community during these monthly work parties. They include “the woodland is a pleasure to walk through”. This appreciation makes all our efforts worthwhile!

The demolished section of our boundary wall, following a recent car accident, saw the removal of the bus stop, bench and importantly TDC’s waste bin. The down side of this led to the overflowing of dog waste + litter to the 2 bins within the woodland. Special thanks must be given to Dave Welch, a long standing member of the Woodland, who regularly oversees the area + kindly cleaned this unfortunate mess. He also waved down a passing TDC waste collector who kindly emptied both bins for us. We are hoping to be placed on their list for regular collection of waste, watch this space… At the Volunteers Fair at Westwood Casino in April, Dave was publicly recognised for his unstinting voluntary support at our woodland. Members of the committee represented The Friends + were impressed by the sheer number of voluntary groups + activities that are active across Thanet! All of which should be applauded for their generous giving of time + effort!

Our spring Events included celebrating Earth Day in April. Sing to the trees was enjoyed by all ages from young ones to wise ones in our local community + our thanks go to Colleen for the suggestion + leading this session. It was good to participate in a global celebration. The session ended with the sharing of moths trapped in a local garden the previous night. The participants were especially delighted to see a colourful Lime Hawk Moth + the children enjoyed assisting in the releasing of these mysterious creatures.

Thanks must also go to Peter for his close monitoring of the plants that grow within the Woodland. His patchwork trial of the sowing of Yellow Rattle within the wildflower meadow has been successful + is flowering as this is written. Further patchworks will be created in the Autumn.

Forthcoming events include Montefiore Woodland monthly Bat Walks (we contribute data to the National Sunset Bat Survey) which are held on the last Friday of each month. The first of which will be on Friday 30th June. Meet in the clearing at sunset at 8:45pm (weather permitting). We then enjoy a casual stroll around the woodland along the public footpaths to King George VI Park + back. Last year we were not disappointed + enjoyed excellent sightings of local bats – guided by our useful bat detectors. The following Bat Walk will be on Friday 28th July.

We also participate in The Big Butterfly Count during our 5th August work party (10am – 12 noon) at which participants can enjoy the viewing of the contents of a moth trap from the previous night.

Finally on Friday 25th August we are delighted to welcome back the knowledgeable Shirley Thompson from Kent Bat Group who kindly led our inaugural Bat walk in August 2013. We all enjoyed this stroll so much it has become a regular summer event! Shirley also looks after bats that are in need of specialist care and attention + during her last visit we were delighted she brought along a furry little friend for us all to see at close hand. We are keeping our fingers crossed she may be accompanied again…..?

Please note all of our events are free although we are grateful for any donations.

For further information on all Activities and Events see our website for more details

Enjoy the summer + we hope you may be able to join us at one/ more of our activities….?