MAP donation

Generous donation surprises and delights the Friends.  

Prior to the Friends of Montefiore Woodland being formed, there was a group known as MAP (Montefiore Action Project) over-seeing the Woodland site. This group was active between 1999 and 2008 and their initial concern was regarding prospective development of the site prior to the building of the medical centre, as well as clearing rubbish and caring for the area. Since taking over the management of the site The Friends found and repaired nest boxes installed by MAP, which had been built by pupils from the then, Hereson School.

Recently MAP contacted the Friends wishing to meet and donate their remaining funds to the Friends of Montefiore Woodland.  The two groups met on Tuesday 4th February at the Montefiore Arms Public House, which is where the group used to hold their meetings. (Thanks to Andy for his hospitality.) Members from both groups discussed the work within the woodland, past, present and future. The chairman of MAP, Steve Ward, surprised and delighted the Friends Group with the extremely generous donation of over £6,000 to support continuing maintenance of the Woodland area.

The Friends of Montefiore Woodland are extremely grateful and see this as an act of confidence in the group’s aims and an appreciation of the work carried out by our volunteers.  We hope to prove our selves to be worthy recipients and will ensure that the funds are best applied for the maintenance of this valuable site.

The Friends continue to hold twice monthly work parties the next planned being Sunday 23rd February between 10am – 1pm (weather permitting). All are welcome for as little or as long as you are free!

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