October work party – chips away

October work party – chips away!

After the worst storm for many years, the Friends of Montefiore Woodland held a productive work party on Wednesday 30th October in glorious autumn sunshine.

A priority of the group this autumn/winter is to thin some of the woodland thus opening up the canopy to allow more light through to the floor thus hopefully encouraging diversity in flora. Thanks to Dave and Ron, an area had recently been cleared, resulting in a pile of wood needing to be chipped.

The Friends of Montefiore Woodland would like to thank Brandon Hire for their community support on Wednesday with the loan of an industrial chipper to assist with this task. They kindly arranged for the chipper to be delivered and collected and the use of this machine made an enormous difference! The members present at this extended session were impressed at how speedily it cleared the wood plus the resulting chippings improved the pathways.

Meanwhile additional members set to work removing ground ivy in preparation for the Bluebell planting at our next work party on Sunday 17th November between 10am and 1pm. Do join us if you are available!